Tips for Choosing a Health Plan

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Choose the best plan for you that serves the county where you live. To find out which plans serve your county, go to Compare plans.

Use these questions to help you choose a plan:

  • Do you want to keep your doctor or clinic or do you want a new one?
  • Does the health plan have the doctors, hospitals and specialists you use? To find out, go to Find a provider.
  • Do you need a Primary Care Provider (PCP) who speaks a certain language?
  • How far are you willing to travel to see your PCP?
  • Does anyone in your family have special health needs?
  • What extra services does the plan have? To see each plan's extra services, go to Compare plans.

To choose or change a health plan:

  • Use our Compare plans page to find which health plans are available where you live, and to see extra programs and services for each health plan.
  • If you have a provider you want to keep, use our Find a provider page to find out which health plan your provider works with.
  • Our Find a provider page also lets you see where doctors, hospitals and specialists are located on a map and which languages they speak.
  • To choose a PCP and health plan, go to the Enroll page. 
  • For questions or help choosing a health plan, call our PA Enrollment Services at 1-800-440-3989.