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Per trip $0

Dental care  $0

Inpatient hospital
Per day $3
Maximum with limits $21

Medical centers
Ambulatory surgical center $3
Federal Qualified Health Center/Regional Health Center $0
Independent medical/surgical center $3
Short procedure unit $3

Medical equipment
Purchase $0
Rental $0

Medical visits
Certified nurse practitioner $0
Chiropractor $1
Doctor $0
Optometrist $0
Podiatrist $0

Outpatient hospital
Per visit $1

Generic $1
Brand name $3

Per service $1

Coordination of Care

Personal Support: HPP helps find resources such as food, housing and utilities.

Care Management Programs

No extra services.

Member digital tools

Member Portal: Save time with HPP’s secure and easy online portal where Members can change doctors, get new ID cards, and more.

Telehealth: Get health care safely online at home.

Pregnancy Benefits

Baby Partners: Members have a personal partner to make appointments, home visits, and doula services while being able to earn rewards.

Healthy Kids Programs

Breastfeeding: New moms have 24/7 support for breastfeeding questions and needs.

Healthy Kids: Parents have a personal partner to schedule vaccinations and doctor’s appointments, connect to food resources, and more.

Vision Benefits

Vision: Yearly routine exams. Members over 21 can receive one pair of glasses or contact lenses every year. Members under 21 can receive up to 2 pairs of glasses or contact lenses every year. New in 2022 - Members age 21 and over can receive one pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses every year.

24 Hour Medical Help Line

24/7 Access to Care: Connect to providers through our 24/7 access at no cost.

Urgent Care Benefits

Urgent Care: Access to participating urgent care centers.

Healthy Living and Health Education

Healthy Living & Health Education: Offers wellness, yoga, and Zumba classes, cooking lessons, and more.

Gym Membership: Enjoy low cost fitness memberships at YMCAs and independent gyms.

Healthy Eating Program: Meals at no cost provided to members with certain health conditions.

Rewards: By completing specific health-related exams and screenings, Members can earn gift cards, small appliances, and more.

Other Benefits

Dental: Adults receive an additional $250.00 allowance for medically necessary dental care.

Transportation:  HPP helps members with access to medical transportation.

Smart Phone: Assist members to obtain a Smart phone with unlimited calls, text, and data at no cost.

Professional Development: HPP provides tools to prepare Members for the workforce including GED classes, resume writing, and more.