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Per trip $0

Dental care - $0

Inpatient hospital
Per day $3
Maximum with limits $21

Medical centers
Ambulatory surgical center $3 per visit
Federal Qualified Health Center / Regional Health Center $0
Independent medical / surgical center $3 per visit
Short procedure unit $3 per visit

Medical equipment
Purchase $0
Rental $0

Medical visits
Certified nurse practitioner $0
Chiropractor $0 per visit
Doctor $0
Optometrist $0 per visit
Podiatrist $0 per visit

Outpatient hospital
Per visit $0

Generic $1
Brand name $3

Per visit $1

Coordination of Care

Help Getting Care: We work to connect you to the care you need. We can help you set up appointments, set up transportation and give you community resources.

Care Management Programs

Care Management Programs:  We provide nurses, social workers, home health navigators and care connectors to help coordinate your care.

Member digital tools

Keys to Your Care®: Texting and rewards program for pregnant moms and babies up to 15 months old.

Member Portal and Member Mobile Apps: Secure website where you can find a doctor, request an ID card and more.

Telemedicine: We cover telemedicine to help you get the care you need, how and where you need it.

Pregnancy Benefits

Community Baby Showers and Moms to Be programs: Offers extra support for pregnant moms.

Healthy Kids Programs

4YourKidsCare: Provides families’ education and information about caring for children when they are sick.

Vision Benefits

Additional Adult Eye Care Benefit: Select diabetic members ages 21 and over can get prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses.

24 Hour Medical Help Line

24/7 Nurse Call Line: Nurses available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone.

Urgent Care Benefits

Urgent Care Centers: Urgent medical care when your PCP’s office is closed and it is not an emergency.

Healthy Living and Health Education

Gym Memberships:  Gym memberships for members at several YMCA and gym locations.

Community Health Programs: We partner with many community organizations to bring workshops, screenings and education to where you live.

In-home Nutritional Counseling: In-home nutritional counseling available for all members.

Member Rewards: Earn rewards when you get select health screenings and exams you need.

Other Benefits

Mission GED Program and Job Readiness:  Tools and supports to further member education and employment opportunities.

No Cost Smartphone: We can connect you to resources to get smart phone at no cost.

*Co-pays do not apply to the following: members who are pregnant, members under age 18, members age 18 through 20 who are in foster care, emergency services, or certain drugs for specific diseases. The information about the benefits from each plan was current at the time of printing. Please call the plan directly for the most up-to-date information.