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  • Medicaid
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Per trip $0

Dental care $0

Inpatient hospital
Per day $3
Maximum with limits $21

Medical centers
Ambulatory surgical center $3 
Federal Qualified Health Center/Regional Health Center $0
Independent medical/surgical center $3
Short procedure unit $3

Medical equipment
Purchase $2
Rental $0

Medical visits
Certified nurse practitioner $0
Chiropractor $1
Doctor $0
Podiatrist $0

Outpatient hospital
Per visit $0

Generic $1
Brand name $3

Per service $1

Coordination of Care

No extra services.

Care Management Programs

Care Delivery Management: Nurse case managers and health managers work to provide “real time” decision support and complement the care provided by the PCP and/or SCP.

Special Needs Unit and Care Management: Nurses, social workers, and care connectors work together to help you with special needs.

Member digital tools

No extra services.

Pregnancy Benefits

No extra services.

Healthy Kids Programs

Women’s and Kids Health Programs: Help develop long-term healthy habits focusing on physical, mental and emotional health and wellness needs.  Programs offered: Right from the Start, Healthy Beginnings Plus, Text4Baby, Healthy Rewards, Healthy Kids are Happy Kids, Early and Periodic Screening Diagnosis & Treatment (EPSDT), Nurse-family partnership.

Vision Benefits

No extra services.

24 Hour Medical Help Line

Tel-A-Nurse: Talk with a nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, about urgent health matters.

Urgent Care Benefits

Urgent care centers are covered at no cost to you when you use a participating facility.

Healthy Living and Health Education

Fresh Food Farmacy: For members identified as having an A1C level greater than 8 can receive diabetic education through a health coach and receive enough food weekly to prepare healthy nutritious meals for the whole family.

Wellness Program: Geisinger Health Plan offers a variety of programs to help members maintain a healthy lifestyle at no cost to you. Programs include: Diabetes Prevention, Health Screenings, Health Coaching, Health Management, Tobacco cessation, Mental health and substance abuse programs.

Other Benefits

Hepatitis C Center of Excellence: Offers members with Hepatitis C a full course treatment to help prevent transmission, prevent liver disease, and to help prevent further liver damage. 

Geisinger Transportation Program provides member non-emergency transportation to medical appointments and pharmacies at no cost to the member.

Opioid Center of Excellence: Offers members with an opioid use disorder guidance to stay in treatment and avoid relapse by offering: Care management, Care coordination, Transitional and follow-up care, Patient and family support, Referrals to community or social services.

*Co-pays do not apply to the following: members who are pregnant, members under age 18, members age 18 through 20 who are in foster care, emergency services, or certain drugs for specific diseases. The information about the benefits from each plan was current at the time of printing. Please call the plan directly for the most up-to-date information.